PETRA stands for Progress in Endourology, Technology and Research Association and was founded in 2015 by Prof. Olivier Traxer and fellow urologists and researchers. The aim of the group is the development of the field of endourology through research and technology. This is to be achieved by means of international meetings as well as publications in scientific journals under the group’s name. The members therefore strive for the latest innovations in endourology and for research driven by passion. As of today the group consists of 16 active members from all over the world: Prof. O. Traxer, Dr. A. Ploumidis, Dr. A. Thomas, Prof. B. Somani, Dr. E. Sener, Dr. G. Kamphuis, Dr. J. Cloutier, Dr. J. Letendre, Dr. L. Dragos, Dr. L. Villa, Dr. P. Kronenberg, Dr. S. Alquatani, Dr. S. Buttice, Dr. S. Doizi, Dr. T. Tefik, Dr. E. Emiliani and Dr. M. Talso. Learn more about PETRA:


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Collaborating hospitals:

Osperdale San Raffaela

The hospitals cooperate with multiple companies and suppliers of equipment and instruments, including Olympus. They are critical in their relationship with companies, and always retain their independence in the choice of equipment and techniques.