Supine - PCNL for a renal stone in the left renal pelvis using dual action lithotripsy

After flexible cystoscopy and occlusion balloon placement a standard PCNL is performed. A 24 Fr. access is facilitated by balloon dilation in order to extract the stone using a dual action lithotripsy device. After final inspection with a flexible nephro-cystoscope the access is closed and a ureteral stent is placed retrogradely.

Reason for PCNL:

2.5 cm stone of the left renal pelvis.

  • Patient history: left renal colic

  • Postoperative information:
    • no postop complications; bladder
    • catheter removal at day-1 postop
    • Stent removal at 15-day postop.
    • Stone free at 1-month post-op

  • Stone analysis: calcium oxalate dihydrate