TIPS & TRICKS - Safety Distance Laser Fiber

Safety Distance to Avoid fURS Tip Damage

Scopes, fibers and laser settings have to be well known not only to get the best results and to ensure patients’ safety, but also to avoid possible damages to the instruments. Knowing that the fURS have a 0º camera, it is important to be aware that when the surgeon sees the fiber on the screen, the fiber already protrudes at least 1 mm from the scope.

At a distance of 1 mm, independent of the laser setting and of the kind of tissue in field of view of the scope, the energy rebounds on the scope’s tip. At 3 mm, the bubbles were never touch the fURS tip.

As the images show, the fiber produres at least 3 mm or more from the scope when observed at ¼ of the screen.

Matching these results with the observation that the bubble generated by the Ho:YAG when the laser fiber is at ¼ of the screen is never rebounding on the camera of the scope even with high energy and short pulse, we can define this position as the “safety distance” to avoid fURS tip damages